2020 Tax Return Notices To Be Aware Of

Oregon Department of Revenue

Notice of Adjustment

Oregon has changed the amount of interest this year on the underpayment of estimated tax shown on your 2020 tax return. Interest on underpayment of estimated tax is charged if you don’t pay enough by the due date of withholding or by making estimated tax payments. 

 Review the description section of the notice for more information about the interest changes.
[ORS 316.563 and ORS 316.587]

Our tax software did not generate the interest, so taxpayers will receive this notice showing the interest accrued on their unpaid quarterly tax liabilities. 

Oregon Department of Revenue

Statement of Account

The Statement of Account notice will follow in accordance with the above Notice of Adjustment. The big detail to be aware of is that the amount due shown on this will not reflect any taxes paid from the vouchers we provided you at the time of e-filing. The total shown will be the taxes owed (shown in the OR-V tax payment vouchers provided in For You to Pay folder) plus the adjusted interest amount. So the total payment you need to include will only be the interest total shown in your Notice of Adjustment.

IRS Department of Treasury

Adjusted Refund Notice

This letter will be one of multiple notices taxpayers will receive due to the IRS not recalculating Recovery Rebate Credit that is now to be backed out of the federal credits.

Oregon Department of Revenue

Notice of Proposed Refund Adjustment

While the IRS forgave $10,200 of unemployment income, Oregon did not. So this notice shows the adjustment made based on the difference between the federal adjusted gross income and the Oregon taxable income.  

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