Go Green Tax is committed to staying ahead of the varying regulations in the Cannabis industry. State and Federal laws are constantly changing and often conflicting, therefore we remain familiar with the updates to keep your business safe. We remain diligent in understanding the rules and needs for cannabis business accounting so you can focus on growing your own green business.

Let our full service accounting firm be your trusted partner from the ground up.

Go Green Tax will guide your business planning process and help maintain your financial records. In addition, we can help with everything from setting up your accounts to reconciling your books. Trust us to help you choose between registering as an LLC or as an incorporation and make tax compliant decisions.

Tax terms and laws can be vague and confusing. Allow Go Green Tax to translate for you. We can turn a stressful experience with numbers into a holistic planning experience to keep your business manageable. We are passionate about providing accounting services to people who are passionate about their business. Cultivate your cannabis business with Go Green Tax and work with professionals that are dedicated to building a relationship with your organization.

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