Portland Payroll Service

Processing payroll is a lot like watching a basketball game. You only notice the refs when they are doing a bad job. Don’t let a bad ref affect your most precious asset, your employees. Let Go Green Tax be the Portland payroll service that protects those assets. Whether you want to go old fashioned and email hours each pay period or you want high-tech time tracking software, that integrates with Quickbooks Online, we can do it.

One word of caution, when shopping for a payroll service provider, unless you are going to go with one of the large providers, do not go with a provider that takes custody of your funds prior to remitting the payroll taxes. If the payroll provider fails to then pay the taxes, you are the one on the hook. The IRS does not care that your payroll person took the money out of your account to “pay the taxes”. As far as the IRS is concerned, it is the employer’s responsibility to pay these taxes even if the failure is due to negligence or fraud of the payroll service. Go Green Tax never takes custody of your funds. Your money goes straight from your business account to the appropriate government agency.

Go Green Tax Payroll Services

Employee and Company Set up
Time Entry
Paystub/Schedule Direct Deposits
Payroll Tax Remittance
Quarterly Tax Filing and Reporting
Year-end filings and W2s

We are proud to work with local and national payroll partners to meet individual client needs.


Payroll Costs

Payroll costs vary based on the partner provider we pair you with after we’ve had the opportunity to best match you with the platform that meets all your payroll needs.

Complete the form below and our in-house payroll specialist will provide you some platform options that work for your organization.

  • Let us know if you'd like us to set you with an easy-to-use platform to submit payroll yourselves or if you'd like to have us take care of everything for you. Looking for any additional features? Let us know: Direct Deposit, HR resources, Quarterly reporting, etc.