Welcome to the team, Clifton Foo, E.A.

Hi! I’m Clifton!
I was born and raised in Singapore and worked for 15 years in the Asia Pacific region and Europe, before moving to the United States in 1997. More than ten years ago, I felt proud to become a naturalized US citizen, together with my wife and two children – both of whom are working adults and making their way in the world. My wife and I also became proud grandparents for the first time just this recent Thanksgiving Day! We have had much to be thankful for.

After a hectic corporate career with multi-national corporations, living and working in many countries, and experiencing different cultures, I have settled into a new phase of work-life as a tax professional. Over four years ago, I committed to the tax preparation industry. This has brought me to the confluence of many personal, practical and academic interests: business management, finance, accounting, and law.

Tax law is always changing. Every day, and of course especially near tax season, practical tax matters continue to be an area of confusion for the layman. I love helping people with their tax challenges. I enjoy teaching. That’s something I had been doing for a while with other tax preparation companies. This job gives me elements of both helping people with their tax preparation needs and passing on my knowledge and research about legitimately overcoming tax planning challenges.

To be able to do my work effectively, I have fulfilled all professional education requirements. I have been an Enrolled Agent since 2016, allowing me to practice and represent tax clients before the IRS. I have also satisfied the requirements of the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners as a Licensed Tax Consultant.

I chose to join Go Green Tax because we have a spirited team that is committed to doing the right things for our clients. We have plans for growth and to expand our business support services. It’s an exciting time, and I hope to add value to our operations.

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