Go Green Tax was founded on the principles that taxes are more than compliance and business is more than numbers. That your financial picture should be one holistic pie and not multiple pieces of different puzzles. That how and where you choose to spend your money has an impact and that there are tools and technology out there to leverage for individuals and small businesses to go from the reactive April 15th how much do I owe mode, to pro-active full year tax planning, cash-flow management, break-even analysis, socially responsible investing and yep, tax filing.

Go Green Tax is committed to sustainability and thrilled to service all Portlanders and beyond, with transparent pricing and 2% of each sale goes to a charity of your choice.

Join the Revolution!


Baruch Valenzuela

CPA, President

In a city known for keeping it weird, Baruch feels right at home. As a native Portlander (born in a clinic on 82nd Avenue that is now a Mexican restaurant) he is passionate and proud of our fair city and the people who make it a great place to live.

Blessed with a diverse background and skill set, his personal and entrepreneurial approach has helped make him a trusted advisor to his clients.

When not grinding away in the salt mines, Baruch tries to forget he’s an LA Rams fan by busying himself with yard work, spending time in nature, cooking, sipping a cocktail, enjoying Portland’s incredible food scene, playing backgammon or spending time with family and close friends.

Samantha Jabouyna

Chief Marketing Officer

New to the Portland area, Samantha is excited to get to know the southwest corner of the Pacific Northwest and embrace the eclectic nature of our vibrant city.

A Washington State graduate with a background in marketing, Samantha spent the last few years traveling abroad and working with a Humanitarian NGO. She comes to Go Green Tax with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, eager to become a part of the diverse community in our neighborhood and our tiny revolution in accounting.

Outside of the office, Samantha spends her time adventuring with family and friends, traveling, and creating as many global experiences as she can.