Tax Preparation Services

Following the CDC recommendations for social distancing, all appointments are now done utilizing Go To Meeting, a real time screen sharing solution. With the deadline extended to July 15th, the calendar is back open for available appointments with our trusted advisers. 

Go Green Tax expertly addresses your tax needs while putting systems in place that help you plan for the future.

Our team of licensed tax professionals work with you every step of the way to make your filing process as painless as possible and ensure optimal return outcomes. Go Green Tax is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients and we stand behind any work prepared for you.

With secure client portals, robust systems in place, and transparent pricing models, we are confident in our ability to help with your tax situation. We are focused on building lasting, trusted relationships as we grow A Tiny Revolution in Accounting

Pricing Models:

Rather than charge by the form or include ambiguous fees, Go Green Tax charges a flat rate based on the complexity of the return. Our pricing models were developed to provide transparency and understanding to clients based on their specific details. Every tax situation is different and our pricing models provide the ability to understand the range of costs that will incur based on the details of each return.


Simple $150

Earned Income Credit
No Dependents

Basic $275

Super Simple +
Interest Income
Dividend Income

Standard $450

Basic +
Stock Sales
Itemized Deductions
Education Credits

Deluxe $600

Standard +
Stock Options
2 Rentals or Air BnB
Self-Employment Income


Deluxe +
Multi State
Like-Kind Exchange
Client Specific Pricing


Simple $600

Partnerships +
S Corps
< $250K Sales +
< $250K Assets
< 5 K-1s.

Standard $1400

Simple +
Non-Profits & Co-Ops
< $500K Sales +
< $500K Assets
<  10 K-1s.


Standard +
C Corps
Client Specific Pricing


Our Business Tax prep appointments are designed for separate business entities filing as S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership, and Non-Profit organizations. Taxpayers with self-employment or rental income fall under our Individual Tax Prep models.

We strongly encourage you to have your books professionally prepared.  An advantage of having your books prepared by Go Green Tax is that we can tell you where your business stands taxwise throughout the year and help you plan accordingly for smooth filing next year.

Go Green Tax offers a comprehensive accounting experience, including tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll. End of year payroll tax filing fees are waived for full-service clients.