Tax Preparation Services

Today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor. What you pay for tax preparation shouldn’t be. Go Green Tax has addressed this opaque pricing problem by charging a flat rate based on the type of return. From the moment you’re scheduled to file with Go Green Tax, we get to work at making the experience as painless as possible.

With secure client portals and robust systems in place, we are confident in our ability to help with your tax situation. Go Green Tax is committed to working with clients through the filing process to ensure the best possible return outcome. We are interested in building relationships with our clients and helping them plan for the years to come.

Tax Preparation Service Includes:

Withholding Advice
Comprehensive Deduction Review
Tax Compliance

Pricing Models:

We’ve increased our rates this year to accommodate our growing book of business. As a way to show our appreciation for the clients that helped us have such a successful first year, we will honor last year’s rate for those of you get in before April!

Not everyone falls neatly into these pricing models, give us a call at (503) 719-6178 or send us a message and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate for your situation!


Simple $150

Earned Income Credit
No Dependents

Basic $250

Super Simple +
Interest Income
Dividend Income

Standard $400

Basic +
Stock Sales
Itemized Deductions
Education Credits

Deluxe $550

Standard +
Stock Options
2 Rentals or Air BnB
Self-Employment Income


Deluxe +
Multi State
Like-Kind Exchange
Client Specific Pricing


Simple $550

Partnerships +
S Corps
< $250K Sales +
< $250K Assets
< 5 K-1s.

Standard $1200

Simple +
Non-Profits & Co-Ops
< $500K Sales +
< $500K Assets
<  10 K-1s.


Standard +
C Corps
Client Specific Pricing


Our Business Tax Prep appointments are designed for separate business entities filing as S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership, and Non-Profit organizations. Taxpayers with self-employment or rental income fall under our Individual Tax Prep models.

We strongly encourage you to have your books professionally prepared. An advantage of having your books prepared by Go Green Tax, is that we can tell you where your business stands taxwise throughout the year and help you plan accordingly for smooth filing next year.