Go Green Tax Accounting Services

Go Green Tax is focused on fulfilling the needs of individuals and small businesses by offering excellent Portland accounting services.
Accounting is considered the world’s second-oldest profession and it’s been said we’re not that far evolved from Ancient Mesopotamia in terms of debits and credits. Go Green Tax was created to leverage the power of today’s technology to deliver superior service and value to our clients. Our streamlined workflows and robust systems will reveal new power in your numbers and valuable opportunities for growth. Go Green partners with you to proactively manage your accounting year-round. We look forward to building lasting, trusted relationships along the way.

Tax Preparation

Tax law is not natural. It’s not like gravity or chemistry or biology. Tax law is man-made, so it’s artificial, arbitrary and capricious.

Go Green Tax enjoys preparing taxes. Seriously, we actually enjoy tax planning and preparation. You are a beautiful and unique snowflake and we look forward to getting to know you and your tax situation.
We collaborate with you through the filing process to make taxes as painless as possible and ensure optimal return outcomes. We expertly address your tax needs while helping put systems in place that help you plan for the future. Our team is with you every step of the way because relationships are the core of our company.

Services Costs

At Go Green Tax we pride ourselves in our transparent pricing. From our tax preparation pricing models to our flexible bill pay options, we want to be the trusted advisor who meets all of your needs.
Outside of tax season, we are happy to offer prospective clients a complimentary consultation to see if Go Green Tax is a good fit. While we would love to chat and get to know everyone, we must limit our consultation to the scheduled time. If you would like to continue our conversation beyond the complimentary 20 minutes, if our calendar permits, we can put you on the clock until the conversation comes to a close.  Our consulting fee is $245/hour with a minimum charge of $125 to complete the hour following a complimentary consultation.
We stop providing complimentary consultations at the start of the new year to prepare for the tax season ahead.