Individual Organizer

The information you provide in the organizer will help us approach your taxes as effectively as possible and allow us to identify any additional documents you may need to provide prior to the filing. The form is secure and your information entered will stay safe. The goal of this organizer is to get as much information ahead of time so that we can get the data entry out of the way prior to your meeting with our CPA.

This form does not have save capabilities. We have prohibited the option from saving the form to come back to for security purposes. Our recommendation is to complete as much of the form as you can for your initial submit. If anything needs to be edited, a PDF version of your completed form will be uploaded to the Source Docs folder of your client portal and can be accessed and downloaded for edits at anytime. The documents requested on the form can also be uploaded directly to your client portal at a later time.


Please contact our office if you have any questions.

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Bank Information

The other option is to have paper checks mailed to you with refunds.
Go Green Tax will also provide payment vouchers and instructions for manual payments when final copies of tax return is provided.